Think of Iran

Think of Iran

Now that our country and our dear people are facing problems such as the global catastrophe of Corona and economic and environmental disasters, we need to think more about Iran. Our country has gone through many ups and downs in the course of its ancient history. The will and perseverance of the children of this ancient land has been entrusted to us by the Baha’i capitalists, on whom these problems can also be overcome. One of these valuable historical lessons and investments is the reliance on the principle of Iranian identity and integrity. Our land has progressed throughout history due to the solidarity of different ethnic groups. Today, it is necessary for all members of the nation to work together to solve problems while maintaining solidarity, regardless of any ethnic, racial or religious differences, and to show national determination in the face of the country’s suffering by helping, assisting and loving each other. Another historical strategy in the face of adversity is the principle of rationality. In the words of Hakim Tus, “wisdom is superior to all that God has given.” Today it is necessary to seek solutions to problems with reason, not superstition. Giving awareness and enlightenment is another historical lesson of this border and environment. It is necessary to fight against any superstitions with any color and clothing, and by using reason and argument, use your wisdom to provide solutions to overcome these crises. In the meantime, the role of the patriotic elites in enlightenment and fighting against superstitions is the most important. The global catastrophe of Corona itself is a testament to this claim. Nations that have relied on reason and modern knowledge to fight this scourge have been more successful in controlling it. Paying attention to the principle of Iran-friendliness, Iran’s integrity and national interests are other strategies to combat recent suffering. Today, the provincial problems in the field of corona or environmental disasters are the problems of all Iranians and Iranians, and we must all take action to solve it. “Human beings are members of one body” is the principle that has come down to us based on the historical identity of Iran from our father and is very effective in solving current problems and we must try to maintain and improve it. It is hoped that by continuing this historical path and using the Iranian capital of this ancient land, the era of great glory and greatness will be realized and we will give a fertile, shadowy, prosperous and free Iran to our children. Payendeh Iran.

Dr. Reza Saidi Firoozabadi – Transplant surgeon

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