In memory of the heroic commander of Iran, Rostam Farrokhzad

رستم فرخزاد

In memory of the heroic commander of Iran, Rostam Farrokhzad

Rostam Farrokhzad, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, was killed on such days in May 637 AD in the battle of Qadisiyah. Little is known about him in history. In a letter to his brother before the war, he warns of the consequences of this battle. Ferdowsi has put this letter in order in Shahnameh.

At the beginning of the letter, he describes the situation caused by the attack of the assailants:

One did not write a letter to his brother and he remembered all the words
He first created a good and bad time for Kozgar Kardgar
Another said that the goat of the sky should be a researcher of people, suspicious
Fourth, look at the hot sun of our war, hurry up
This is so, and it is a great thing for the heart to be satisfied with itself
I cried over the Iranians and I cried over the Sassanids
That I can hardly deal with rice and sorrow and misery with an army

He speaks of the offer to surrender and has mobilized himself and his allies to fight.

It was sent from him and he spoke to me in any way about the association
To forgive the land from Qadisi to the mouth of Rudbar with Shahriar
Where is the bazaar?
Know that we are looking for more than enough to buy and sell
We accept that we do not seek the help of the savages
Brin was also a war, whenever he was killed, he was killed
The elders who fought with me should not look at their words
Let’s try and use a man to make the world narrow
The elders who are like them in Qadisi are big and are enemies of the whips

He advises his brother to continue the struggle to preserve the unity of Iran.

Always pay homage to the atheist
You were with everyone of our soot, if old, if Borna was a man
All of you pray to God and praise Him in the dark night
Try and be generous, and stay away from eating tomorrow
If it is a border and a road, if it is good and bad, it should be traded with a sword
No one knows the secret of Sepehr Battalion, which is a kind of patrol for us
When you read a letter, pay the wisdom and build it with the nobles
Everyone gathered around the worshiper and sat down
Hemi Taz to Azar Abadgan instead of the elders and the freedmen
Hemidon herd, whatever you have, from the tiger horse to Ganjoor Azar Goshb
From Zabulistan to Iran, the IRGC wants women every time they come
Take it, put it on, and put it on the sepehr battalion
Sacrifice your body in the campaign
We are happy and Zoo with the fear of ups and downs

In this letter, he predicts his death:

Whatever I said, tell my mother not to see me
Give him greetings from us and give him a lot of advice so that he does not get upset
Don’t be unaware of me, don’t be sad in this matter
Do not try to be lazy, there is no god but He
That this holy Qadis is sometimes my shroud and the blood of my hat
Such is the secret of the long sphere in the heart of the closed brother
When he came, he did not want to see me inside the saddle, then the prince

He then warns of the political and social consequences of this failure:

Chou is equal to the pulpit bed, all the names of Bobker and Omar
Let these long sufferings go downhill
Give another one a bite and forgive no one
Let them follow the covenant and be honored for their deviance and shortcomings
Get off the warrior riding people who boast flour and talk
Be a war farmer without art, breed less and go home
They should not consider it a curse to recreate it
Let the son think badly of the father’s father as well as the son of the remedy
Be an artless servant of a prince of race and greatness
There is no room for fidelity and the tongues become full of persecution
Let all the treasures be killed and let the enemy try
He was a scholar and an ascetic by the name of trying to come
No celebration, no effort, no effort, no solution, no laziness and no livestock
The father brought wire with his son Kane, stewed curd and covered with a kilim
Seek the loss of people for their own benefit and bring religion forward
Otherwise, spring does not emerge from winter
If this story goes through a lot, no one will look at the freedmen
Let the blood be sought after
Such an unfaithful patrol of the Sepehr Battalion turned around and took the seal from us
I wish you were not this wisdom if you are not a good and bad thought
It is thought that Kane will come out of the enemy of the earth and become Jehun
Sepehri’s secret is not known to anyone, they do not know that suffering is not short
May the heart of the Shah of Iran be happy for you, brother of Tanabad
As soon as this day comes, the lever will turn the enemy
I will not get rid of Yen in the end

In this letter, Rostam Farrokhzad emphasizes the preservation of the values ​​and solidarity of Iran and calls on all Iranians to fight for the continuation of Iran-Earth culture.

Dr. Reza Saidi Firoozabadi – Transplant surgeon

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