Shahnameh lessons for the young generation of Iran

Shahnameh lessons for the young generation of Iran

Iranian culture and civilization over the centuries has been exposed to many external challenges such as the invasion of Alexander, the Arabs and the Mongols, but each time the Iranian nation and civilization has stood up due to cultural richness has overcome these tragedies and again.

We do not see this feature in other nations and ancient civilizations, and many of them are left except in history books. In the present age, our culture and civilization has faced a new all-round invasion which has been called the modern age or modernity. With the growth of communication and technology, this new phenomenon has entered a new era called the era of globalization. This phenomenon has seriously challenged all ancient and new civilizations and cultures and is threatening to destroy them. This phenomenon has several aspects and has intellectual-philosophical, economic, political, cultural and other bases. The power and dominance of this phenomenon over the foundations of our culture and civilization in the last one or two centuries and especially in the last few decades has been such that it has confused us and deep problems, to the extent that some of them with titles such as cultural schizophrenia Or named aspects of double westernization. Of course, globalization and modernity are certainly positive, but understanding and analyzing those positive and negative aspects requires self-awareness based on identity and cultural richness. But the fundamental question facing our culture and civilization today is the question of solutions. To face this phenomenon, one must first know it. This is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed at another time, but another important issue is familiarity with the basics of Iranian culture that will help us deal with this phenomenon. Of course, it should be noted that facing this new phenomenon requires a new way and a new attitude and a new system of thought that has its foundations in our culture. Relying only on ancient customs and age is not enough, but knowing them can lead to a new way and a new attitude, and this historical experience exists in Iranian culture and civilization. Throughout history, every time Iranian culture and civilization has been faced with severe storms, relying on old lessons, it has been able to launch a new plan that has led to the revitalization of our culture and civilization. For various historical reasons, many of these new experiences and designs are hidden in Iranian literature, which distinguishes it from the literature of other nations. For example, following the Arab invasion of Iran, one of the sources that led to the revival of the Iranian identity and language is the great work of Abolghasem Ferdowsi, Shahnameh. The awakening of the Iranians led to their participation in the evolution of the new culture and civilization. Much has been said about the importance of the Shahnameh in reviving the Persian identity and language, but what will help us today in cultural transformation for the rebirth of Iranian civilization lies in its stories. Despite their epic, romantic and tragic aspects, these stories also introduce us to different thoughts and ideas. The characters in these stories are each a manifestation of a specific thought.

The variety of stories and characters is one of the double charms of this work, which acquaints us with different life conditions and how to deal with them. They did not have this property except for pride and prosperity.

If it were not for Iran, my body would not be on this canvas and a living person would not be on this canvas

Let us all cultivate head to head rather than give the country to the enemy

They do not read that anyone created us because the land of Iran was destroyed

Whether Iran is a paradise or a garden, the smell of musk comes from the garden

Let us try and bring war, let us be ashamed of this burden

If the border is the way, if good and bad are to be beaten with sticks and swords

Let’s try and employ a man to bring the world to a close

Let these long sufferings go downhill

I will not get rid of this happy ending of Nooshin Iran

Or mentioned his love stories such as Rudabeh and Zal, Rostam and Tahmineh, Sohrab and Gardafarid, Bijan and Manijeh and Soodabeh and Siavash:

Laugh and say, O witty eye, weep for your love, not for pain and anger

Do not laugh at the ground until you look at the air, do not read the air, the king’s floor

That his rain was in the spring, not because of the efforts of the princes

My heart is always in sorrow of his love, day and night is the thought of his face

Or its tragic stories that can be referred to the story of Siavash, Sohrab and Esfandiar:

One is a story full of water and the eyes of a thin heart come from Rustam

If a strong wind blows from the corner, the bergamot will not reach the soil

To God, I have fallen in love with Siavash Kane as long as I live in the world

Or praise of wisdom and knowledge:

In the name of God, do not think of the soul and wisdom of the superior

Wisdom is superior to all that God has given to the praise of wisdom

The wisdom of the guide and the discouraging wisdom of the wisdom take hold of both houses

He was able, whoever was wise was from the knowledge of old Borna

Or an invitation to truth and goodness:

Think of passing the day, worship the judge

That’s enough for the good and the virtuous, and that is enough

Relying on values ​​such as wisdom, justice, tolerance and prosperity are some of these values ​​that are emphasized in Zahak in the story of Fereydoun and Kaveh movement.

Jamshid saves the world from impurity with Far Izadi, but he is caught in pride and is declining:

He waited with the imperial oven of the world to go from head to toe

I also said that Farah Izadi is also a Shahriari and a cleric

I did not turn that God-knowing king from God and became ungrateful

His kingdom conquers and defiles the world with a twist. Kaveh and ُ Zahak revolt against him and Fereydoun revolt against him and imprison him and throw a new religion:

A dumb blacksmith man comes from the fire king on my head

Someone digs into Fereydoun’s air to get Zahak out of prison

Bring Zahak to Damavand Mountain and send him to prison

The name of Zahak was removed from him because the world was cleansed of his evil

Fereydoun Farrokh was not an angel, he was not born of incense and amber

He gave it to you and gave it to you, give it to your goodness and give it to Fereydoun

The time has passed without grief, they took everyone away from evil

They paid tribute to the judges and celebrated a new religion

Familiarity of the young generation with this great work is one of the tools that can lead to cultural renewal in our country.

Dr. Reza Saidi Firoozabadi – Transplant surgeon

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