Religion and politics in Shahnameh

دین و سیاست در شاهنامه

Religion and politics in Shahnameh

Shahnameh begins with the praise of God, followed by the praise of wisdom, God, God and the Creator of the world as wisdom has been used repeatedly in the Shahnameh. The essence of God in Shahnameh is beyond wisdom and thought.
In the name of God, do not think of the soul and wisdom of the superior
God is the name and God is the place of God
The name, the sign and the suspicion are superior
To the viewers of the Creator, do not see Marjan, the two viewers
He did not think at first that he was superior in name and position
No matter how much the saddle of Gohran passes, it does not find its way to life and wisdom
Praise does not know who he is, he should close the bond between slavery
He weighs wisdom and soul in his hard thoughts
With this instrument, vote, soul and psyche, praise the Creator as power
It is your intention to get rid of idle speech
Be a worshiper, a seeker of the way, look deeper into the commands
Whoever was wise was able to know the heart of old Borna
There is no talk of this supreme curtain, there is no way to the existence of thought
Wisdom is better than what God has given you
No one has the wisdom to grow a beard in front of his heart
Azoui, in spite of the two noble houses, has a broken disc
Wisdom is the eye of the soul because you look in the eye of the soul of that world
The first is the creation of wisdom, the knower of the guardian of the soul, and give thanks to it

In the mythological part of Jamshid Shahnameh, he founded the institution of religion and formed a group called Katozians, which consists of people of religion. Jamshid eventually became the head of both the institution of politics and the institution of religion. ‬‬‬‬

The glory of Jamshid is due to Farah Izadi because he is the representative of wisdom, truth and justice. With his return from these principles, Farah Izadi turns away from him and he goes to ruin.
Jamshid finally claims to be a god.
The world went round and round, and he was sitting around the world with Farhi
Look at the fog bed one by one, you did not see the universe except yourself
I did not turn that God-knowing king from God and became ungrateful
He said this to the old man that I do not know the world except myself
Art came to me from the world, but I did not see the infamous throne
I decorated the world so well that I went around the world as I wanted
Eat, sleep and rest are from me, all your cover is from me
My greatness and my devotion and my king who says that no one is king except me
He went to the world for medicine and treatment, which did not reduce anyone’s illness and death
If you know that I did this, he should call me the creator of the universe
All the clerics nodded, saying why no one should say no
When this was said, Far Yazdan broke away from him and the world became full of dialogue
What did that speaker say?
To God, whoever became ungrateful will enter into his heart from all sides
It became dark for Jamshid that day
Hemi cassette of God’s fulfillment on bad glory

With the turn of Far Izadi from Jamshid Zahak, he overcomes him and destroys Iran and the Iranians. Fereydoun and Kaveh revolted against him and imprisoned him on Damavand Mountain. By sitting on the throne of Jamshid, the grandson of Fereydoun, he took the path of religion and with the help of two pillars, religion and politics became a prince.
May Manouchehr Shah come to heaven and put on that Kiani hat
I also said that there is anger and war on the throne of Sepehr, and there is also love and affection
My land is my servant and my friend is the head of the hunters
Both the religion and the sect of God are both fortunate and good-natured
I am the night seeker of the same sharp fire on the saddle
God is the sword and the sole of the shoe of the flag of Kaviani
I will cut it short with my hand and turn the earth into a color
Aba these arts I worship one of the world-creating slaves
Let us all cry, let us all tell stories from God
Kozo, the throne, my throne, my army, my gratitude, and my refuge
Going to Fereydoun Farrokh’s path was not old if we were new
Anyone who travels the earth in seven countries and shines on religion
Represent the suffering of the dervishes and the language of their people
Raising the head of the treasure to the suffering people representing suffering
Everyone is an infidel to me, and Ahrman is worse off
Every dinor who was not on religion was from God and was cursed by his character
And then I will put my sword to the head of the country out of malice
May the eternal throne of the throne be the same as the crown of the priests
With the advent of Zarathustra in the era of Goshtasb, he converted to the religion of Zarathustra and put the promotion of this religion on his agenda.

He told Shah Jahan, “My prophet, I am your leader towards God.”
Let one of the perpetrators bring fire and say, “I brought you down from heaven.”
Accept the speaker, learn his religion and his way and religion
Look at what he says, work on it, eat the chosen wisdom of this world
Learn the religion and religion that does not come well without religion
When you hear from the king to the religion to accept the way and the religion to
The way of idolatry spread and fire worship spread
So Azadeh Goshtasp went and sent the corps to all parts of the country
Scattered around the world, the cleric converted to the ritual of the igneous institution of the dome
On the first of Azar Mehr, how much religion did he put on the saddle?
His writing was based on the birth of Sarv Sehi who accepted Goshtasp Din Bahi
He sent a message everywhere to the country, which is like serving the country to the universe
He sent Minoo. My God told me to come to Minoo from here
Close the ship in the name of Far Shah of Iran
Do not worship the religion of the ancients, sing in the shadow of Cypress
Towards the dome of Azar, go to the command of the truthful prophet
The spread of his command in the world towards the famous and towards Mahan
All the crown princes, at his command, turned to Kashmar
Worship turned from heaven to Andrew and demonized gold

On the advice of Zoroaster, Goshtasb refuses to pay a ransom to Arjasb, the king of Turan, and invites him to the religion. Arjasb does not accept the religion of Zarathustra and attacks Iran.
He told the king of the world, old Zarathustra, that in our religion this should not be the case
That you owe money to the ruler of China is not in line with our religion
Do not be an accomplice of our ancient kings
They did not give the Turks any badge or savagery
Goshtasp admitted that he did not want to pay him anything
So it became known that the male demon also went to the king of China in time
Bedi said Kai Shahriar Jahan Jahan is completely Kahtran and Mahan
They carried out your order so that no one would break your covenant
Except for Lohrasp, Goshtasp Shah, who floured all the Turks of the IRGC
Abba, all these other religions did not adopt paganism
Do not openly open all your enemies
Hundreds of thousands of riders want to bring you around
Know that we are looking for his work, so do not be afraid of his work
Hear Chou from Jasp
He became weak from his grief and became ill
So when he calls all the priests, he hears them and goes to them
That Goshtasp Geshts is the religion and religion is the pure knowledge and wisdom of this
An old man came to Iran casually for a prophetic fight
It says that I came from heaven and came to the God of the universe
I saw God in heaven, and Marin Zand wrote it all
I saw Hell inside
So when my Lord sent him to the king of the earth for the sake of religion
The head of the famous Iranian corps, the precious son of Lohrasp Shah
That Goshtasp sings the Iranians to close a ship in the middle
They took him from his religion to the world through his religion
Meeting in Iran with a prophet to do such nonsense
One of them closed the previous way to kill
One of the perpetrators of the fire wrote a letter to the authoritarian king
Say that this was Zand Vasta to the religion of sharp fire Vesta
Tell Merv to go the ugly way and fear the God of heaven
Get rid of that unclean old man and turn one on our religion
If Edon accepts this advice, he will not tie his head and feet
If Eidon refuses to talk about us, he is new to us
Let’s gather the scattered corps and take a good army to Hamoon
Let’s go to Iran and not be afraid of his persecution and struggle
Let’s drive it forward and shut it down and keep it alive

The Iranian army, with the help of Esfandiar, Goshtasb’s son, defeats the Turanians and Arjasb is killed. Goshtasb asks Esfandiar to spread the religion of Zoroaster in order to ascend the throne. Esfandiar also invaded the surrounding countries and invited them to Zoroastrianism.
Bedouin said, “Pay to Zayn Andr. All your countries to Din Andarr.”
Be a razor blade for Gardeshpour Shah around all countries with the IRGC
On his way back to Rome and India, he crossed the dark sea
Esfandiar reported by the command of God
When they became aware of Neko, they took his religion from his way and religion
They worshiped this religion and lit fires instead of idols
Everyone wrote a letter to Shahriyar that we took religion from Esfandiar
Let’s close the ship and he’s cassette’s ransom should not be taken away from us
That we are right and this religion is now send us Zoroastrianism
When he reads the letter of the princes, he reads the meeting of Bargah and his companions
He sent Zandi to every country, to every celebrity and every nobleman
He said that the infamous hero also traveled to the four corners of the world
Wherever Shah Benhad did not come, no one came forward
All of them obeyed him and hid from the pure world
Chou Giti all straightened up, pulled her father’s feathers from the middle and opened her lower back
Chou occasionally came to the world to distinguish between bad and pure religion
He sent a messenger to his father, O Namur, the victorious king
I made the world special, by the grace of God, to cast a shadowy country

Goshtasb sent Esfandiar to Zabulistan to imprison Rustam. Esfandiar goes to fight Rustam despite the advice of his mother Katayoun and his brother Pashtun. He considers obedience to the king’s command as the order of religion and its rebellion causes the destruction of his world and the hereafter.

Know that I do not bow to the king’s victory, not even on the throne and hat
Let me start in the good and ugly world, let me run from hell to heaven
Pashtun said, “Listen, I’m not talking, brother.”
I told you before and I say, we should not be heartbroken
What do you try to do to Kane and get angry with Kane from your heart and from the anger of your eyes
One answered Esfandiar, who was on the corner of Golestan
According to the people of Pakdine, he is not the one who says that
If you know that the Iranian recipe is in the hearts, ears and eyes of the brave
You know very well how to break such a path and annoy the king
All our suffering and treatment is gone, the religion of Zoroaster is gone
Which says that whoever obeyed the king’s command was in hell
Make me a sinner in a few words and hate the words of Goshtasp
I emptied myself of the pagans of the earth, I closed my first waist for the sake of religion

By overthrowing the Parthians at the hands of Ardeshiz Babakan, he bases his political thought on the formation of a strong central government by condemning religion. And considers religion and government as two pillars of society.
Let the brother be the king and let the religion be the prince of religion
There was no religion, no prince, instead of no royal throne, there was no religion
He did not create the king without religion, nor did he need the king with religion
It is as if they are under one tent, such guards are each other
We saw two of them, they were not good, neither this saddle, nor this saddle was unnecessary
Two universes, every religious man won, God be wise and wise
Chu was the king of your guardian religion
Whoever opens his tongue to that Shahriar judge, his man is religious
Chu has a pious Kane from another king to a pious Vera
What did that spokesman say to Afarin, who, like Bangari, gave a brain and a religion

In his reign, Anoushirvan considers his plan to be the execution of God’s command. Then, in a meeting with dignitaries and the people, he states the basics of his political thought and governance on the basis of: rationality, justice, meritocracy, respect for youth and knowledge, education of children, respect for private property, welfare And prosperity, peace and moderation, emphasis on knowledge, taxation and tax exemption for crisis-stricken areas.
One of them is the one who raised his head from the association
You were a detective in his court, you did not work without their knowledge
The head of the famous people of Bargshad remembered the goodness of Dadar
We are poor from him, good and bad, shame and name, we are happy from him
At his command, evil from the wheel of a whip from Ovist Far and from the beginning of force
Let us not ignore his command and do not count our souls except by his command
To the throne of May, whoever shouts in his heart is happy to shout
If it were the king, it would be presented to everyone
Whenever you are lax in your work, you make the same incorrect vote
Whoever worships religion, Shahriar Afarin will become a brother, kingdom and religion
There was no imperial capital, no religion, no religion, no prince instead
Two foundations are woven one on top of the other, pre-woven
It’s not necessary for the king to have a religion, not to be irreligious
Such guards are each other as if they were under a tent
Neither that saddle nor this saddle was unnecessary
God willing, the wisdom and wisdom of the two universes won over all religious men

In a letter to the rulers of the surrounding countries, he invites them to obey the command of God.
One of them said, “Come to your favorite side because you will hear from me.”
First, when we open, we praise the Creator of the world
Wise and wise, you know it, thank Daddy Giti
He told me and he is the judge, he is superior to any eternal superiority
To Yazdan, the king and the elder are one, and there is no one but slavery
He did not tell us anything except the truth that the demon brought
To God, who gave it to me, if not, I will take it to him
All the customs and this letter did not go forward from this mirror of Kish
Every time he was led by God, he stared at the small water of the cup
It was high on this court, it was honorable on the priests
God bless him with love and kindness
You did not cleanse my heart except by giving and sealing to any work

We see this association of religion and politics in other sources of ancient Iran. For example, in the inscription of Darius, we see the same theme:
“By the will of Ahuramazda, I am the king. Ahuramazda gave me a kingdom. The countries that became mine. By the will of Ahuramazda, they were my servants. Ahuramazda gave me this kingdom. Ahuramazda helped me to get this kingdom. With the help of Ahuramazda, this kingdom “Ahura Mazda helped me cheaply.”
Or in the charter of Cyrus:
Marduk, the great God, turned the hearts of the people of Babylon to me, … because I honored and cherished him. He blesses me, Cyrus, whom I admire, and Cambyses, my son, as well as Kass and Kar [and, tribe and lineage], and all my armies.
He had cheap kindness. We all happily praised his high position in peace and reconciliation. By order of Marduk, all the kings ascended the throne of Aurangzeb. I ordered all the shrines that were closed to be opened. Now that, with the help of Mazda, I have been crowned king of Iran and Babylon and the four corners of the world, I declare that as long as I live and Mazda will give me the success of the kingdom, the religion and customs of the nations of which I am king. I will respect and will not allow my rulers and subordinates to humiliate or insult the religion and customs of the nations of which I am the king, or other nations. I ask Mazda to make me successful in implementing the commitments I have made to the nations of Iran and Babylon and the nations around the world.
In Shahnameh, religion and politics are two pillars of society, together they contribute to the stability of society. The principle of politics is based on wisdom, truth and justice. Farah Izadi is with that prince who is the guardian of wisdom, truth and justice. In Shahnameh, politics is the guarantor of religion. Religion also guarantees the dynamism of society with the help of the institution of politics.

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