To greet invertebrates

To greet invertebrates

Mehregan celebration is one of the biggest Iranian celebrations after Nowruz. Invertebrates date back to two thousand years BC. Various opinions have been expressed about the philosophy of invertebrates, including the praise of Mehr or Mitra, the celebration of the harvest, or the victory of the Kaveh and Fereydoun movements over Zahak. In ancient Iranian texts, invertebrates are mentioned repeatedly. Abu Rihan al-Biruni says in this regard: “Mehrgah is the sixteenth day of the month of Mehr and his name is Mehr. “And the days when it is Mehregan, everyone celebrates, because of what he did after Nowruz.” In addition to Avesta, the ancients of Iran such as Rudaki, Farabi, Nezami, Hafez, Naser Khosrow and Sanai have spoken of Mehregan. But Hakim Toos has told this historical-mythical story in more detail as follows: With the fall of Far Izadi from Jamshid, Zahak overcame his property and ruled with oppression and witchcraft for a thousand years. Kaveh and Fereydoun revolted against him and imprisoned him on Damavand Mountain. Thanks to this day, Iranians take off their purple clothes and celebrate. Although the exact historical origins of this event are not clear, this story has deep mythological roots in Iranian culture. It can be said that this uprising was the first civil movement in the history of humanity. Zahak is a symbol of cruelty, ignorance and darkness. He feeds the brains of young people daily, which is a sign of promoting ignorance and superstition. This is a symbol of the struggle against ignorance and superstition in the Kaveh and Fereydoun movements. Maybe this is why we send our children to school in October to get rid of ignorance. Mehregan celebration seems to be a symbol of the victory of rationality over irrationality. Another symbol of invertebrates is victory over tyranny. Ferdowsi has mentioned both of these points in his great work:

Happy day in October

Kiani put his hat on his head

Time turned sad from evil

They took everyone to buy.

Another point of this story is the concept of orbit. In the movement of different individuals, Iranians participate together in spite of value inequalities, and by setting aside differences and “judging” in establishing a structure.

New socio-communities participate.

They paid attention to the judgments

They celebrated a new religion. Payendeh Iran.

Dr. Reza Saidi Firoozabadi – Transplant surgeon

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