The tragedy of youth in Shahnameh

The tragedy of youth in Shahnameh

In addition to epic, historical or romantic stories, the Shahnameh also has several tragic stories. In the mythological stories of the Shahnameh, there are young people who, despite their ability and competence, face a terrible fate.


By defeating Zahhak, Fereydon is busy with the development of his territory.

In his old age, Fereydon divides his land between his three sons, Salem, Tor, and Iraj. From among Iran, the younger son reaches Iraj

Degar Khater that man with regiment and war

which is both fast and slow

Zakhak and his descendants intervened

As if it was the way of the vigilantes

He was brave, young and smart

He should not be praised except for Gati

Now Iraj Ander Khor is his name

May his end be in Mehtri

Cho pulled out of hiding

Afridon created the world into three parts

One is Rome and the East, the other is Turkey and China

Third Dasht Gardan of Iran and Earth

First, look at the interior

All Rome and the East stung him

Degar toured the earth

And made him the ruler of Turks and China

So the deputy came to Iraj

Mer chose him as the father of the city of Iran

Two other brothers are jealous of Iraj and are unhappy with their father about his decision. They plan to march to Iran

We were three children, beautiful bed

Someone who is more fortunate than us

Let’s stay safe, both of our fortresses

The cousins ​​of the father oppressed us

That brings us to the youth of the father

Go like this, judge

No, we are less than mom and dad

that we will not sit on the royal throne

Are you the judge of Shahriar Zemin?

May God bless you

Otherwise, Turkish and Chinese riders

Also from Rome, looking for Cain

Let’s raise an army with a mace

From Iran and Iraj on Arim Damar

Iraj reconciles with his brothers and despite his father’s advice, he goes to Bespah

Do not give me a crown and a hat

Shum ran unarmed before them

Let me say that, my nobles

As dear as my body and soul

Do not get angry and hold grudges

No, it is not beautiful to hate the Lord of religion

You have so much hope for Getty

Look how bad he did with Jamshid

I will bring it with a grudge

I deserve more than that

He said to him, O wise king

Hami’s brother fought in Sur

You are the sword of the seal

You will be offended by the judgment

He intends to give Iran to them in place of the brotherhood pledge

I don’t want a crown now, not sometimes

Not a big name, not Iran Sepah

I do not want Iran, nor the East, nor China

Neither royal nor wide on earth

A great one whose destiny is dark

It is bad that superiority should be won

The long sword pulls your saddle

As a result, your bed is dirty

If I were under the throne of Iran

So far, I have visited the throne and the throne

I entrusted you with a hat and jewels

You have no grudge against me

I do not want to fight with you

I should not be offended

My religion is nothing but blackness

Not except the people of my religion

Iraj is killed by two brothers and his head is sent to Fereydoun. In the end, his son Jamshad wakes up to demand his father’s blood.

CroIn the second shipw on the head of Khosrow Tajdar

Khosrow wanted to kill Zinhar

Someone pulled out a dagger from the museum

There was blood all over him

Descended from Pai, Seru Sehi

The rupture of that royal waist

His brain is filled with musk and perfume

He sent to old Jahanbakhsh

To the golden coffin inside Pernian

Inserted in the middle

They took gold from the coffin

They thought his speech was amazing

He pulled out of the coffin like a stuffed animal

Iraj’s head was cut off

Put it on the side of the head

He turned his head towards the servant

Hami said, Kai Davar Dodgar

This is how Ander Nagar was killed

The hearts of both of them are furious

That they never see anything but the darkness of the day

I want everything, O judge

That I am so safe from the times

which is named after Iraj’s egg

Let me see the waist belt


Rostam, who wanted to find his horse, Rakhesh,

He went to the king of Semangan in Turan and married his daughter Tehmina. Before leaving Samangan, he has a bead on his arm, he gives it to Tahmina and orders that if their child becomes a girl, he should tie this bead to his hair, and if it is a boy, it should be tied to his arm.

There was a bead on my arm

That bead was world famous

He gave it to him and told him to take this

Gareth is a girl from the past

Take it and run to his hair

To Nik Akhtar and Fal Gitti Frooz

Ver Idon that comes from Akhtar Son

Tie it to your father’s arm

Sohrab becomes a brave warrior in his youth, he takes the sign of his father from his mother

He came to ask his mother about him

He told me to be rude

that I am superior to my peers

All the best came to me

What kind of eggs do you want?

What should I say when they ask the father’s name?

Tell him to listen to his mother

Go be happy and don’t be angry

You’re in Pur Go Pilten Rostami

From the hands of Sami and from Niermi

When Sohrab finds out that his father is Rostam, he plans to first defeat Kavus in battle and then remove Afrasiab from power and put Rostam and his mother on the throne.

Now I am from the warring Turks

I will raise an infinite army

Arouse me from the palace of Kavos

Take Pi Tus from Iran

No wolf remained, neither Goders nor Gio

Neither Gastham Nuzer nor Bahram New

To Rostam, a mace, a spear and a hat

My name is on Kavos Shah’s palace

Vez Iran to Turan ominous warrior

Aba Shah Roy Ander Arm Be Roy

take me to Afrasiab’s bed

I put it on the head of the spear from the sun

I will make you the lady of the city of Iran

I will feed the serpent of war

Afrasiab, who learns of Sohrab’s intention to march to Iran, gives him an army and sends him to the battle of Kavus together with Homan. Afrasiab orders Homan to stop Sohrab from getting to know Rostam

Chu Afrasiab heard those words

He welcomed him and laughed and rejoiced

Ten and two thousand brave men

Zalshakar gave them a selection

This is what Cain said, the solution is hidden

Take and build the work of the world

The son should not be known as the father

The marriage of Jan and Mehr Gehar

Rostam finally goes to a hand-to-hand battle with Sohrab. Sohrab asks his name. But Rostam refuses to give his addresses. Sohrab asks the people around him for Rostam’s sign and they do not give him Rostam’s sign by deception.

My heart loved you

Hemi brought shame to my face

You should not hide your name from me

Why are you fighting with me now?

But the hands of Sam Yelli

Ghazan Namur Rostami Zaboli

I think that you are Rostami

You don’t come from Namor’s egg either

This is how Rostam replied

I am not from Sam’s egg

No, I am a child, but you are young

I am going to the ship

Let’s try and it worked

which was the command and opinion of Jahanban

I have had enough of ups and downs

Half a man of gorgeous speech

Sohrab and Rostam finally wrestle, Sohrab knocks him to the ground in the first bout, he is about to kill him when he falls into Rostam’s trick, Rostam tells Sohrab that in their religion, if a wrestler knocks another wrestler to the ground for the first time in wrestling He should not kill him and he should give Aman and in the second ship, if this happens, he can kill that warrior

Chu Shiran boarded the ship

They only shed blood

Sohrab’s hand is like a drunken pill

There is a blowing valve at the door

He took my belt and pulled it

You said enough, take it easy

Someone shouted full of anger and resentment

You said to run on the ground

He took it instead of a drunken body

His estimate is low

Sitting on Pilton’s chest

Full of dirt, forks and mouths

One of them pulled out a dagger

Hami wanted to cut off his head

Rostam kept singing

That this secret should not be hidden

He said to Sohrab, “Yel Shirgir”.

Lasso thrower, mace, sword and arrow

May our religion be different

Except for this, the makeup of our religion

He brought someone to the battleship

Sir Mehtari gathered below

The first to put his back on the ground

No matter what, the battle is against Kane

If he fails again

He called it “Shir” after throwing it

It’s okay to get rid of your head

Let it be our religion

In this way, from the clutches of that dragon

Hami wanted to find Zakhten Raha

The young brave listens to the words of the old

This is a pleasant word

He let it go and came to the plain

To the plain where the deer passed

In the second ship, Rostam knocks Sohrab down and plunges the dagger into his side.

They started wrestling

They took both waists

Sarafaraz Sohrab is forced

You said to close the long wheel

I feel sad, take it

It took the head and mane of the whale

He bent the brave young man’s back

When the time comes, there is no power

Hit it on the ground like a lion

He knew that Kan did not stay below

The style of a sharp razor cut from Niamh

Take on the milk of the awake heart

Sohrab dying says that his father, Rostam, will come to demand his blood.

He said to me, Cain came to me from me

I gave you the key

Call the game all my years

Such a mane of mine came to earth

He showed my mother from my father

My soul came to my head from Mehr Ander

I looked for it to see it

I wish to live like this

I’m sorry I didn’t get hurt

I did not see anything on the father’s face

If you are a fish in water

Or when you become black at night

If you become a star on the sky

A tiger on the earth is pure

I want you to be my father

Cho see that my bed is dirty

Of these names and necks

Someone took a sign to Rostam

who killed Sohrab and the eater

He wants you to want you

By opening Sohrab’s boil, Rostam sees his bead on Sohrab’s arm.

Listen, Rostam stared at his head

The world became dark before his eyes

Tell me how much you can show me

May his name be lost

That’s me, my name is Kam Mamanad

Sit on my mourning Zal Sam

Go talk to me, Zan, you are my friend

You killed me staring at your bad temper

I will guide you in any way

Don’t move your heart all at once

Now stop boiling me

Look at me naked

Chu got up singing Kos from Derm

come full of blood on both sides of my mother

He was very tired of me leaving

Someone put a bead on my arm

Cain said me from father Yadgar

Take it and see how long it will take

Now he became a worker and started fighting

The son became poor in front of his father

He opened his mouth and saw that bead

Take all the clothes on yourself

Hami said Kai killed on my hand

Praised everywhere and every forum

Hemi moaned and Hemi shook his hair

The series is full of drainage and full of water

Hemi said that Sohrab Kain is not the solution

You should not cry over two eyes

What is the use of killing yourself now?

That’s how it went and that was the way it was

Rostam sends Goders to Kavash and asks for medicine. Kavus, who is afraid of this father and son, refuses to give the potion

Pahlavan told Goders at that time

That round with force and clear

Take a message from me to Kavus

Tell him what happened to us

Garrett has no memory of my actions

Someone hurt my heart

From that potion that you test in the treasure

Where will the tired be refreshed?

Close to me with someone

Sezdgar Fersti is now ZP

Maybe it will get better with your luck

I want you to become pale in front of your bed

Let the Lieutenant General come to action

Give the message to Kavos at once

He said to Kavos Kez Pilten

Kara water is more than the forum

I don’t want anything bad to happen to you

That’s enough of my reputation

But if you drink my medicine

The 10th survived Gu Pilton

Let me turn to your strength

Begman Marmara perished

If something bad happens to me

Let’s make his reward like Sazd

You heard him say who Kavos is

If he is Shahriar, then who is Tus?

Where is he in the wide world?

It is a beard and a beard, and it is a mane and horns

Where is he at my feet?

Where did you drive him under Homay’s oven?

Chandi cursed me

Bring my honor to the army

Cho his child survived me

May all the soil be in Indra’s hands

You did not hear Sohrab’s words

Not a great man of the world

There are thousands of Iranians

Who do you care for when I’m alive?

If he remains alive in the world

Let them turn away from both Mahan and Kahan

Someone is his own enemy

Gitti got a bad name

And thus Sohrab is killed and Rostam and the Iranian army mourn.

Don’t regret all that manhood and your vote

Don’t let that look on you

Don’t regret all that Jangsel

A divorced mother and a heartbroken father

This story was filled with everything

That because he killed the child, the hero

The world turned upside down

Everyone who hears it becomes sad

The Iranians of Zain found out

They fell on that fire of grief

Mother was informed that Sohrab died

He got tired of his father’s blade and died

Grab him and take off his shirt

That beautiful tension glowed

Estimation of bang and roar and roar

Time until his time was the same

Hemi said, “Kai, John’s mother.”

Where are you from the inner soil?

I said because my eyes were wide

I will find out about the son and Rostam

You searched and found your father

Now you have rushed to come fast

How did I know that the news will come?

that Rostam is tearing the liver with a dagger

He did not hesitate to put it on you

On that top and that hair of yours

He did not hesitate to do so

To cut it, cut it with a razor

The father of Jasti, the lion of Lashkar Panah

Instead of his father, Gurt came on the way

One is an eye-watering story

My tender heart is angry


Kavos Shah’s son Siavash was born to a Turani mother. Kavos sent him to Rostam in Zabulistan to educate him. When he grew up, he returned to Kavos and became a very beloved father.

Jahandar called out his name

Bedo divided the spinning wheel

This is how it came to be

Shahriar was blamed

Thus said Cain, the child of Shirosh

Raise me, you must kill me

It does not matter to the owners

Mer is not a nanny for Gitti Chowman

He entrusted his heart to Rostam

You liked Jahanjoypur

Take him to Zabulestan

Sitting on Golestan

Riding and bow and arrow

Anan and Rakab and what and how and how many

A fight and a bed and a hat

Talking about war and driving the army

Learn the arts by heart

He suffered so much that he came to Bar

Siavash became like the world

There was no one like him from Mahan

The wife of Kavus Soudabeh, the queen of Iran, is the daughter of King Hamavaran, and she falls in love with Siavash. Soudabeh takes her to his palace under the pretext of finding a wife for Siavash and asks Siavash for her heart.

Siyavakhsh read on himself

Do not talk to him in any way

What excuse do you have for my love?

What a twist from above and from my face

I am dead by the time I see you

I am furious and annoyed

Make someone happy in my secret

Forgive the days of my youth

If you disobey my command

Do not come to my heart for treatment

I will ruin this kingdom for you

May it be dark on you Hor and the moon

With Siavash’s refusal, Sudabah tears his shirt and shouts to defame Siavash.

Siavash told him never

That I give my head to the wind

I would be disloyal to my father like this

To separate from a man and knowledge

He rose from that throne with anger and war

He hung a harp on the inside

You will stare at me to disgrace me

Give advice to the wise

Clean hands and clothes

He cracked the nail

Kavos, who found out about Sudabah’s deception, condemns Siavash to go through the fire in order to protect his reputation so that his innocence is proven.

This is what Shahyar said to himself

that the speech of both does not work

Let me see who is the cousin of two sinners

Who deserves bad wind?

The only solution is to open it

Smell Siavash’s hand first

On him and all over him

Smell everywhere

Sodabe smells like May and Mashkab

Hemi found Kavus and the smell of rose water

Did not see that kind of smell from Siavash

Andrew’s absence from Sudan

He became sad and humiliated Sudabah

He filled his heart with pain

Shah Zamin said his siyavakhsh

What will you see now?

Siavash said so to Shahriar

Hell is the saddle of my words

If there was a mountain of fire, I would jump

Shame on you if I don’t get over it

By order, he said to Sarvan

Hyun, yes, from the plain of Hundred Caravans

Humans were burnt

All Iranian cities were visited

Siavash passes through the fire safely with his horse. By proving Siavash’s innocence, Kavus plans to kill Sudabah, which is stopped by Siavash’s mediation.

Siavash come to Atash Faraz

Hami said, see the referee

Give me to pass the mountain of fire

Leave my body from the shame of my father

Siavash set Sepe on fire

You are as if his horse was set on fire

You won’t hear anything

No one saw Siavash himself and his horse

A free man came out of the fire

Laughing lips and face

When they saw him, he got up

who came out of the fire of that new king

Siavash, who is not safe from Sudabah’s intrigues, follows Afrasiab’s attack on Iran and voluntarily goes to this battle along with Rostam. Siavash shows his merits and drives Afrasiab’s army behind the Jihun River. Afrasiab dreams that a young man will destroy his throne, that’s why he panics and reconciles with Siavash and Rostam. He sends it to Siavash. In consultation with Rostam, Siavash accepts this offer to prevent further bloodshed and writes a letter to Kavos and sends it to him along with Rostam. Kavus got angry with the work of Siavash and Rostam in accepting Afrasiab’s peace proposal and dismissed both of them from the IRGC and chose Tus as the commander of the IRGC. He wants to allow him and his family to go to a third country by crossing Turan

Hami said a hundred men round and riding

Such famous royal relatives

All benevolent and all innocent

If I send them to the king

Don’t ask, don’t think about their work

As long as they are alive

I’m sorry to go near Yazdan

My father’s work is bad for me

I don’t want to bring an innocent war

Abar Khairah with Shah Turan Sepah

Jahandar does not like this bad thing about me

Open to me the language of the forum

If I return to the door of the king

I entrust the army to Tous, the lieutenant general

I feel bad about it too

I see bad left and right and bad in front

Don’t come from Sudabah except for bad things

I don’t know what God wants

Afrasiab and his old minister warmly welcomed Siavash and fell in love with him. Afrasiab gave a part of his land to Siavash and asked him to stay in Turan and even made his daughter Farangis to be Siavash’s wife. Afrasiab’s brother Grasivs, who is jealous of Siavas because of his closeness to Afrasiab, tries to reconcile the two. Grasives makes Afrasiab suspicious of Siavash by scheming and spreading lies, and informs about Siavash’s conspiracy against Afrasiab.

The king’s heart was hurt by this

Thoughtful of the times

I did not go to Siavash war

It didn’t hurt us either

At my command, it didn’t happen for a while

He did not find anything but good things in me

I entrusted my country and my treasure

I bitten from every kind of suffering

We also made a connection with blood

We paid our hearts to Iran

I turned away from the treasure and son of Roy

Dear, I have already seen you

If we attack the innocent

Like such a judge Hor and Moon

I don’t know what to read except that boy

I will send it to my father

So Afrasiab was closed inside it

He became sad and thought continuously

On the other hand, Grasivz suspected Siavash of Afrasiab’s intentions, so that Siavash is afraid of his fate and future. He asks his wife Farangis to name his child Ki Khosro

Siavash said to him, “What is my dream?”

Instead, my water became dark

Give me a happy life

The sadness of the bitter day will come

If life is one thousand two hundred

There is no place except my dark soil

Tara is five months pregnant

You are a child of this name

The chosen tree bore fruit

One Shahriar brought the world

Name Sarafraz Keikhosrosh

Make him feel sad

My secret was Turan soil

who says that my soil was in Iran

Since then, by order of Afrasiab

Mera Bakht also came to sleep

Take my head away from strangers

The blood of the liver lies on the officer

Come from Iran, find a solution

At the command of the father, the waist is tied

From Eider-Tara with the son in hiding

He suddenly went to Jihun river

They are seated on the royal throne of Vera

He ordered chicken and fish

From Iran, one army of flour to Keen

The whole earth will be full of chaos

Come on, the moon will pass

It will not be tamed by anyone

Maybe the armies are after me

They should wear Joshan according to my religion

Roaring all over the gate

The time of Keikhosro comes to a boil

Afrasiab, who became suspicious of Siavash, went to Siavash with an army and imprisoned him. Finally, he killed Afrasiab and Frangis Siavas, despite the advice of the elders of the minister.

Fortunately, Siavakhsh returned

His bravery was completely killed

He wandered over the dark soil drunk

If he closed the armor of his hand

They put a palhang on his neck

Two hands behind the back of Chu Seng

They went to Syavakhsh Gard

Behind and in front and on all sides, there was a round army

This is what the head of the Turan army said

Kez Ider pulled him to one side of the road

Kandish beheaded with a dagger

Go to a place that you should never go to

Pour his blood on that warm soil

Stay late and take care

Z Gracious, that watery dagger

Pledge of blood armor

He came to the sign of Faraz

The hostage of its armor is ugly

Bifgand Pil Jian to the ground

No shame for that lieutenant, no fear

One of them is a gold plate

Turn around because his sheep are on

He separated his head from the cedar

Hami went in a pool of blood from the cut

To the place where he said bad bloodshed

Don’t take the armor as a hostage

A plant grew out of blood

Know where that dish fell

Ki Khosro, the son of Siavash, was born and the elders sent him to Shabani to keep him safe. When Ki Khosro grew up, he called Afrasiab to him. Ki Khosro and Faringis continue their lives in Toran. Finally, Ki Khosro returns to Iran and revolts against his father.


After Gestasb accepted the religion of Zoroastrianism, he refused to pay tribute to the Turanians on Zoroastrian’s advice, and by sending a letter to Arjasb, the king of Turan, he invited them to the new religion. Iranian warriors are killed in this battle. The young Esfandiar succeeds in defeating the Turanians and gains a special reputation among the Iranians. Ghstaseb asks Esfandiar to go to the surrounding countries to get the throne and invite them to Zoroastrian religion, which Esfandiar does. against him, Ghstasb finally imprisons Esfandiyar, Arjasb, the king of Turan, attacks Iran again in order to take revenge and kills King Ghstasb, Ghstasb’s father, Ghstasb, who is on the verge of defeat, Jamasb sends his minister to Esfandiyar and arrests him. He releases him and promises him that if he wins against the Turanians, he will make him the king of Iran. The Iranian army defeats the Turanians with Esfandiar’s bravery. frees his sisters Esfandiar frees his sisters and kills Arjaseb by crossing Haftkhwan

You know that Arjasp belongs to religion

Come with Chinese riders

I ate those hard oaths

How did I travel these Yazidi bonds?

The wind that came from the side to the war

No, I came back from the war between the lion and the tiger

I am bound by the weakness of my body

To the chains and nails of blacksmiths

We sent to Begdan Dej

We despised foreigners

If I am talking about Haftkhuan

You should never wear it

I opened Arjasp’s head

I am proud of the name of Ghstasb

All good things are a treasure

I was the source of blood and suffering

You said I’ll see you again

I am enlightened about your choice

I leave you officer and ivory throne

You are a man who deserves the crown

What is the excuse now, what am I doing?

Full of dynamic suffering of Mehr that I am

Ghstasab again evaded handing over the kingdom to Esfandiar and this time he asked him to go to Zabulestan and imprison Rostam or hand over the kingdom to him.

He went to Sistan now

Using color, war and techniques

Naked someone, the razor and Gopal

To stop Rostam Zal

Zavareh Farmarez as well

The image of someone sitting on the saddle

He forced the grandfather of the gate

Born of Akhtar, Moon and Horus

That because these words are fulfilled

Don’t listen to me, then judge

I entrust you with the treasure, the throne, and the army

I mark you with a crown in front

Despite his opposition to this decision, Esfandiar considers himself obliged to obey the king’s order. Esfandiar’s mother Katayon advises him and calls him to be patient. Finally, he considers the future king of Iran because of his father’s old age and warns him not to go to Zabulestan. has

Let’s hear your heart full of anger

The boy was full of tears

Tell him, did the boy suffer?

What is your heart’s desire?

Except treasure, command, vote, and army

You are trying to increase

One has a crown on his father’s head

You have all the army and the army

Cho passes, his throne is his trust

It is his greatness and fortune

From Gitti Hemi pand Niush’s mother

Mokush to Bad Tiz Mashtab and Badra

Blow the crown of the head

who was born with the royal crown of his mother

May the curse be on the throne and on this crown

Let there be killing and extortion

Father is getting old and you are the one to take care of him

You are a powerful man

They have their eyes on you

They say anger is the source of calamities

There is no place in the world except Sistan

Don’t stare at my youth

Don’t make me the dust of two gates

Listen to this kind mother

In the end, Esfandiar left for Zabulistan, he promised Rostam that he would intercede for him with the king, and when he ascended the throne, he made Rostam the commander of the Iranian army again. to search and serve him

Know the good things that I have done to me

The same sufferings and sorrows that I have suffered

Worshiping Shahriaran is the same

From today to the previous day of time

What is the reward for this suffering?

I will bite that king of Iran

No sin arose from me

Because it’s bad, you have to cut off my head

Keep bad words away from me

The devil’s heart is painful to the bad

You did not see anyone on my feet

No, Pil Jian took my place

You do that, which is due to the princes

The orbit of the demon on the right hand

In the end, the negotiations between the two did not reach a conclusion, and despite the advice of elders such as Pashtun, Esfandiar’s brother and Zal, they prepared for battle.

Speak to him and listen to him

Don’t tell me brother

You have only one heart and have not seen the world

Jahanban is trying to kill you

Graydon, who is Gestasp from the throne

You should not be satisfied by luck

Hemi Gard Gitti Doande Tera

no matter how hard it is

that I might curse the crown

I will make a pillow with the weight of the story

Do not be young, Shahriara

Don’t do that in Bella Kamrani

Do not make our hearts cry, Shahriara

It hurts my life and myself

Someone answered, Esfandiar

which is a thorn in the corner of your Golestan

Tell him that the people are pure

It is not nice to say that

Graydon, you are the order

Your heart, ears and eyes are brave

You know this way very well

Wisdom and annoying the king

All our sufferings and treatments were wasted

Zoroastrianism became rampant

who says that everyone is under the command of the king

Turn to hell was the place

Call me a sinner

Be disgusted by Gstasp’s speech

Rostam and Rakhesh, who were seriously injured in the battle with Esfandiar, return to their camp after dark.

Hemi Takht on Esfandiar’s tour

He didn’t come, go shoot, you are tired

Chu Tir, you rose from the floor of the king

My body is tired of shooting

Go ahead, my shot didn’t work

Rostam died from that campaign

He said that Rostam is famous

This is the Esfandiar river

His body became weak from those arrows

A broken battle and a true man of war

Descended from Rostam Chu Bad

Namor’s head was raised

The same face turned towards the house

Thus he became alienated from God

Blood ran down my neck

You are weak and trembling

Zal asks Simorgh for help in treating Rostam.

He said to him, O intelligent boy

Talk like you listen to persistence

All the works of the world are in it

But death is another door

I know one solution, I choose this

Take Simorgh as my friend

Fasunger Cho reached for the blade

Diba pulled out a feather

One of the criminals started a fire

On top of it, a bare feather burned

Look at the bird from the air

He saw the fire shining brightly

Simorgh treats the wounds of Rostam and Rakhsh and suggests to Rostam to come to Esfandiar through the door of tolerance, but if he does not accept and insists on fighting, he will shoot Esfandiar in the eye with an arrow made of cut wood.

He pulled out four arrows

He drew blood from that fatigue in his beak

Rub on those fatigues

He traveled through time with force and force

He told him to shut up

Stay away from the bite for a week

Give me one more feather to the lion

Because of the tiredness of the arrow

At the same time, he asked for Rukhesh

He put his beak on his right hand

Six arrows came out of his neck

Don’t be tired or tense somewhere

He said to me, “O chicken, Go Pilten.”

You are the name of every forum

Why Razm Jasti from Esfandiar?

He is the oldest and famous

If you make a deal with me now

Regret the war

Najvi Fazoni on Esfandiar

Trying to find a campaign

A good one for tomorrow

Sacrifice him with your body and soul

Graydon to bring him in time

Don’t think about Begman’s sorry

So I will make a solution for you

I will raise my head to the sun

that whoever he is the blood of Esfandiyar

Let it flow and divide the time

The same also to be alive from suffering

If he is not freed, he is not a treasure

That’s why he was so lucky

If it passes, it would be suffering and hardship

Tell me to go ahead

Apply it on your hair

He told me that the horn is more straight

His head is superior and the tension is more relaxed

Straighten this wood on the fire

One of them, hold the arrow, old man

Feathers and arrows go to the mark

I showed you its bite

Tell him now Cho Esfandiar

Come and search for the campaign

You please and goodness and truth

A reward for a shortcoming

Unless he returns to Shirinsakhn

Remember the old days

How much do you apologize and not accept you?

He took you from the humble ones

Take the bow and this stick

Thus grown in rose water

The cloud of his eyes, straighten both hands

As it was, the people were curious

Farda Rostam tries to be patient with Esfandiar

Cho Rostam saw him like that

Someone took a cold wind from the liver

Say, “Esfandiar’s selection.”

Aba, I’m tired of the campaign

Be afraid of Jahandar Yazdan Pak

Do not be wise with the heart of the abyss

I did not come from war today

I came looking for an apology and a name and shame

What are you trying to do with me?

Wear the two eyes of wisdom, Hemi

To Dadar Zardasht and Din Behi

To Noushazer and Farrah Yazidi

To the sun, the moon, Basta and Zand

to make the heart shine

Open in the ancient treasure

that I rounded to the long day

I burden my burdens

Give Ganjur ten brands

Esfandiar does not accept it and calls a violation of the king’s order a deviation from religion and causes the ruin of his world and the hereafter.

He replied that he was deceived

A fierce half day and a great day

A few words from Ivan and Khan

Wash the fiery face

If you want to live, stay instead

Complete our first sentence

He knows that I am under the command of the king

Do not twist, not because of bed and hat

I want to find good and bad in the world

Let’s run to two hundred hells and heaven

Look for me as if from Yazdan

Look at the command of Shah Jahanban

Rostam takes an arrow in his bow and hits Esfandiar in the eye

I know that I must have come to work

Do not come to Esfandiar

He drew the bow and it was sharp

who had given his arrow rose water

Because that arrow shot inside the bow

He called God in secret

Hemi said that, O Pak, Dadar Hor

Increasing knowledge and force

You see this is pure my soul

My soul and my strength

The slander of the bow is fast

The human being that Simorgh had said

An arrow hit Esfandiar’s eye

The famous world turned black

He bent over the cedar

Danesh and Farrahi got away from him

Esfandiar, in his dying state, by cursing Ghastasb and accepting his fate, entrusts his son Bahman to Rostam for education.

He did not become the king of Yazdan

Let the porcelain fall from his hand

This is what Par Danesh Esfandiar said

O wise man of the times

Do not ruin yourself in front of me

That was my benefit from the wheel and the moon

Let the living body be soil and seedling

You don’t want to kill me like this

Where did Fereydon, Houshang and Jam go?

Come back to the wind

They left and replaced the moon

There is no one inside Sepanji Sarai

I tried a lot in the world

Both openly and secretly

that I will take all the way to Yazdan

I bring wisdom to this guide

Time to get a sharp fork

Don’t kill me

My hope is Kander Besht

May my heart and soul perish

He did not entrust me to a man

Hold on, I’m biting my fist

This is the end of my life

from Simorgh and from Rostam Charegar

Fasons and these bands were made by Zal

that he knew the world’s trickery

This is what Rostam Esfandiar said

I didn’t see you in bad times

Such was the time and it was what it was

He should listen to whatever I say

Your excuse was the bad father of time

No Simorgh and Rostam, no arrows and bows

Strive for an army and a throne

Let him run and we will close the clothes

Kanon Bahman, this is my name

Wise and awake my order

For me, you are the father of Warsh Ander Poon

Everything I say will teach you

Be happy in Zavalestan

All the work of the bad guys

Learn campaign makeup

I sat down to keep the goat and the hunting plain

which was a souvenir from Bahman

Shahriari was the head of Afrazater

I will pass Zain Sepanji Sarai

You bring an army and leave

Why did you go to Iran to tell the father?

That because of the achievement of the price of Mojoi

The entire time is in your favor

All the stamps are filled with your name

I hope not this was near you

Punishment for this evil from your dark soul

I straightened the world and gave it to the sword

May your actions not harm anyone

He went straight to Iran

He wanted me to be great and royal

Now you have sat down to talk to your heart’s content

Bring and sit comfortably

When you are safe, drive away the dead

Give one to Ivan Shahi

Tera bed and my hardship and effort

My crown, coffin, and cover

Bad things happened to me because of my father’s crown

My life is the key to the treasure

I sent it to him now

I am ashamed of his dark life

He said this and hit someone sharply

who oppressed me from Gstasp

As soon as you get rid of tension, Jan Pak

Tired tension and dark soil

Pashtun returns Esfandiar’s body to Ghstasab. Iranians, Ketayun and Esfandiar’s sisters curse Ghstasb with mourning. Bahman finally returned to his grandfather and sat on the throne of Iran.

Gestasp came to know about the way

It was not like the name of the king

All the cups were broken

His head and officer died

A roar came from the porch

The world was filled with the name of Esfandiar

Iranian elders got angry

They washed the eyes of the Gestapo

They said to the song, “Oh Shurbakht”.

Cho Esfandiari you from Behr Takht

Send to Zabul to kill

You are forbidden by the crown of the fog

Shame on your head

Good luck with your journey

Hami said his mother is Kai Shum Pi

Shah Ki was killed on your back

Farrah went away from you and bought it

Find yourself in the wind of God

That name behind you was broken

That’s why there was wind in your fist

The boy gave you blood from the bed

If you see the fog of the bed, your eyes are fog of luck

Neither Simorgh killed him, nor Rostam, nor Zal

You killed him, you killed Manal

Shame on you for the white beard

that the child of the ship of Behr Omid

Dr. Reza Saidi Firoozabadi – Transplant surgeon

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