History, Iranian identity and the wave of globalization

History, Iranian identity and the wave of globalization

It was reported in the news that a part of Iran’s history has been removed from high school textbooks. The question may be, what is the significance of this issue? What is the benefit of knowing history in this age of information explosion? The fact is that history is part of our Iranian identity. Iranian identity is not limited to history. I do not intend to discuss Iranian identity here, which is a detailed discussion. In short, our Iranian identity has various aspects, such as geographical, cultural, religious, political, literary, etc., and of course its historical aspect is very important. Of course, when it comes to history, we should not limit ourselves to historical dynasties, political figures or historical events. History itself has various aspects, of which the above are part, but history is not limited to historical events. Knowing the different angles of our country’s history will help in shaping the identity of the youth of this region. But perhaps the question arises, what is the importance of Iranian identity in today’s world? The fact is that our country, like many other countries, is facing a wave of globalization. Globalization is a phenomenon that, especially in recent decades due to the spread of information technology, has rapidly transcended geographical boundaries and turned the world into a village. Although this phenomenon has had positive effects with the exchange of information, it is not without its negative aspects. One of the negative aspects of this phenomenon is the destruction of another culture and national identities. This phenomenon exposes different nations to common cultures and habits. Examples include certain eating habits, such as high-fat diets or the use of tobacco and drugs. The spread of unhealthy eating habits has led to the obesity epidemic worldwide. Our country is no exception. For example, according to statistical studies in our country, about half of Iranians suffer from obesity. This unification of values ​​and culture in the younger generation can lead to crisis and confusion. The history of Iran, with its impact on Iranian identity, will greatly contribute to the formation of personality and self-confidence of young people. Iranian identity will allow our youth to offer values ​​to the world in addition to using the phenomenon of globalization, and not just be a mere recipient. The youth of this land spend many years of their lives in the educational system, which is the most important time for the formation of their Iranian personality and identity. Of course, Iranian identity is not a fixed phenomenon and has its strengths and weaknesses in different people. In addition, different aspects of this Iranian identity are different in different people. In some, the cultural aspects may be stronger, and in others, the religious aspects. But certainly the historical aspects of Iranian identity are undeniable. The educational system, whether at the university level or before, should pay special attention to strengthening the historical aspects of Iranian identity. It should be noted that the emphasis on history, in terms of historical events alone, is not enough for the turbulent world of young people and should be viewed from different angles. It may not be appealing to young people to rely solely on what a historical figure did at a given time. The use of analytical, cultural, sociological or literary aspects of history can facilitate the young generation’s relationship with this important part of Iranian identity. Historical aspects of Iranian identity will help the young generation to grow up in today’s world, especially in the face of the phenomenon of globalization. It is hoped that those in charge of the educational system, with special attention and without exaggeration, will provide a favorable environment for the young generation to be aware of the different aspects of the historical part of Iranian identity.

Dr. Reza Saidi Firoozabadi – Transplant surgeon

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