Creating a favorable culture for organ donation

Creating a favorable culture for organ donation

May 21 has been named the National Day of Organ Donation. Thirty years ago, on such a day, Dr. Iraj Fazel was able to obtain permission from the late Imam to transplant a brain-dead organ. The prevalence of chronic diseases in our country is increasing and thus, the need for organ transplants has also increased. There are currently 26,000 patients in need of transplants on the waiting list, which can be used for organs of people who have suffered brain death. In our country, the use of live kidney donors has been used for many years, but its use is mainly in the field of kidneys and is less used in other organs and is needed to save the lives of people who need heart, lung or liver transplants. Use people with cerebral palsy. As mentioned above, due to the prevalence of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the country and the increasing need for organ transplants, it is necessary to create the necessary cultures in the field of organ transplants so that people with the concept Familiar brain death. It should be noted that brain death is a state of death that has been medically and legally confirmed, even religiously, by many scholars. In brain death, the patient’s brain has no function, the patient has no perception of environmental stimuli and can not respond to environmental stimuli, does not have spontaneous movement and respiration, and does not show any reflex reactions, and usually needs two doctors. Confirm this situation. Eight organs of brain dead patients can be used for transplantation; Even their tissues such as bones, tendons and nerves can be used for patients in need. It is estimated that about 5,000 brain deaths occur annually in the country, but due to the lack of culture in the country, the families of many of these people do not allow organ transplants, and thus, we see five Thousands of brain deaths, only 900 of which are used for organ transplants. Families need to be aware that with the best facilities and the best care, the brain dead patient can only be kept alive for a few hours to a few days, but by agreeing to an organ transplant, they can save a large number of lives. Save those in need of organ transplants.

Dr. Reza Saidi Firoozabadi – Transplant Surgeon

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